My father went to buy a paper when I was six and never returned. Occasionally I wonder how he is, what he’s doing. My memories are of a giant, cradling me during a bedtime story, kissing my forehead, whispering secretively into my ear that I’m his favourite. I can’t picture how he’d look now.

One day, a letter arrived unexpectedly. ‘I’m dying, I want to make amends.’ He’d moved to London but the cancer destroying his body prevented him from travelling. My sisters saw him last week and said goodbye.

Today, I’m on the train. I’m going to Edinburgh.

Colin Marks

Author: Colin Marks

#4 Amazon short story author. My work is also published by Smashwords. First YA novel due early 2012, to be followed by an adult thriller.

2 thoughts on “Father”

  1. Nice flash fiction here!

    Colin, thanks for stopping by the blog. Smashwords does a great job, but sometimes I reach a tipping point; I’m hopeful by the end of the week, books will be where they should, but since I started the indie process, it’s been up and down getting ebooks to all those distributors. Thanks for listening to my rant and good luck with the publication of your novel!

    1. One of the recurring tips you always see from long-standing authors is to never expect anything to happen quickly. And I must confess that’s what my experiences are confirming as well. Hopefully I’ll be in it for the long haul! Thank you for the kind words and I wish you all the best for your novels! 🙂

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