About Me

Colin MarksHi! Thanks for stopping by and visiting this page! After a decade of finding excuses, I decided in 2010 to try my arm at writing fiction and submitted a story to the Bristol Short Story Prize. The story wasn’t even long listed but undeterred and bitten by the creative bug, I continued to write. So far I’ve self-published a handful of short stories and a collection. I’m due to release a novel for young adults in mid 2014, which is being written for my daughter. This will be self-published and available in print and digitally.

I’d like to thank those who either knowingly or otherwise have been a great help. Mark Mitchell, Tanya Almeida and Allan Jardine have patiently edited my early drafts and their feedback has been priceless. Katherine Morgan has put up with my drivel, and though she’s almost drunk me out of house and home, she ain’t half bad! And finally, Joanna Penn’s tweets (@thecreativepenn)┬áhave been invaluable. If you have an interest in writing or self publishing and you’re not following her, then do, she’s inspirational. If she ever reads this – a big thank you!

Various ways to contact me are listed below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!