Twisted Tales

A wealthy businessman is dying, laying on his bed surrounded by his children. He reflects on his life and his relationship with his children in his final moments…

Three young boys dare each other to knock on the witches door, but the house isn’t what it seems…

Do you need more hours in the day, or more pairs of hands? Jack found being able to replicate himself wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped…

‘Twisted Tales’ from Amazon #4 Short Story author, Colin Marks, presents eight unique stories united by endings with a twist. It features three new short stories and edited versions of his existing five shorts.

This collection contains the following stories: ‘Wind in the Trees’, ‘Old House’, ‘The Man Who Could Replicate Himself’, ‘Dying With My Children’, ‘The Operation’, ‘To Kill the President’, ‘Extramarital’ and ‘Body Recyclers’.

June, 2012


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