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  • About Blogging

    Why blog? When I started writing, I decided I wanted to do it to the best of my ability. I bought the books and scoured the Internet, and over time, in my opinion, my writing improved. Obviously that’s a personal point of view, but for the sake of the hours I put into it, my […]

  • Competitions aren’t just about winning…

    In the beginning It was a competition that encouraged me to to write. I’d always planned to ‘knock out a novel’ at some point in my life but there was always something with a higher priority and lower importance that seemed to get in the way (drinking, watching TV, etc.). As the saying goes, deadlines […]

  • I hate to say it, but first impressions ARE important…

    Once upon a time I started writing fiction for public consumption just over a year ago. A colleague and I were strolling one lunchtime, joking about a futuristic concept of body recycling when she suggested, probably half-heartedly, that I should knock that into a story and submit it to the Bristol Short Story Prize. As I’m […]

  • Why would people pay to read my stories?

    Last week I read a good discussion on somebody’s blog that basically said you should be pricing your fiction in bands based on the word count. He was saying something along the lines of 0.99c for every 10k to 20k words is a reasonable fee for his output. I really wished I’d kept the link […]