Review: Awareness by Anthony de Mello

Tim Ferriss has recommended this book several times, so I was keen to give it a try, but wow, this was a slog. I believe it was transcribed from de Mello’s classes and presentations, and may be in the flesh it works better, but in the written word it comes across as smug and arrogant. There are some interesting sections, but with even those you have to fight through his language to get to the meaning. To be fair, this was written in 1990 and mindfulness and stoicism have come along way since then – with far better resources now available. I would suggest looking or listening to anything by Ryan Holiday or Sam Harris instead.

This is better than a 3, but I can’t round it up to a 4, as that’s the territory where it would be a recommendation. So rounding down to a 3 instead!

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