Review: Digging to America

Digging to America
Digging to America by Anne Tyler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read Anne Tyler’s ‘Accidental Tourist’ many years ago, so long ago that I wouldn’t be able to remember the plot if the film hadn’t refreshed my memory. But one thing I clearly remember about that novel was quality of the writing – how easy it was to read and how each word was perfectly placed.

‘Digging to America’ has that same familiar style, as though it’s being narrated by someone you’ve known since childhood. This is a bigger accomplishment than it may sound, since the POV character changes with each chapter. Maryam, an Iranian immigrant to American, is the main character, but other chapters are told from her daughter-in-law’s POV, others from her would-be suitor, the widowed Dave, and one from a young child, one of the Korean orphans.

The book is subtle. At a glance, nothing happens, but what’s left out is as important as those scenes which were put in. Family tensions are shown by the wave of a hand or a passing comment layered with ambiguity.

This certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like quality literature told in an authoritative voice, this will be worth a look.

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