Review: Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life by Rosamund Dean

I’ve been meditating now for a couple of years, and have been significantly over-drinking for three decades, so when Kevin Rose (a guy I have a lot of time for) mentioned this book on his podcast I thought I’d give it a try. One key aspect of this book is it’s not about stopping drinking, it’s about reducing your intake. I drink too much, but I like it, and though alcohol is a large part of my life which I have no desire to lose, I am happy to shed a few dozen units a week.

If you’re not into meditation or mindfulness, which is basically consciousness of your thoughts and self-querying, this book probably won’t work for you. For me, however, it was a fun read with some good tips. Why are you reaching for the gin? If it’s to mask a problem, that problem will still be there tomorrow, so will the gin help more than say a clean tonic or mint tea!?

Simple advice in a chatty self-deprecating style, this is very readable, fun and helpful.

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