Review: Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki has had an interesting life, from the early days of Apple, having his shoes polished by Richard Branson, through to turning down the role of Yahoo! CEO (in the days when Yahoo! was still relevant), so there are a few rich seams of stories to tell. Wise Guy is effectively an autobiography with a veneer of self-help – each anecdote of his life is followed with a wisdom section, practical takeaways that we, the readers, can apply to our lives.

Some of these are interesting, such as there’s nothing wrong with being shallow – choose any motivation that works for you – his was the desire to own fast cars to impress the women, but if it gets you pushing yourself, keeps you producing your best work, then so be it. These become a little stretched towards the end yet his likeability and enthusiasm carry the book.

An enjoyable, easy read, from a master of his craft!

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