Review: The End of Bias by Jessica Nordell

Bias is a interesting subject. While some people try to remove bias from their lives, which is the main topic of Jessica Nordell’s End of Bias, others are embracing it. Fox News, social media, etc, polarise society by reinforcing bias and prejudice. So while it’s great that many of the case studies in the book are taking positive action, it seems society as a whole unfortunately is moving in the opposite direction.

I disagreed with some sections, such as the use of IAT tests to predict prejudice. Having done a test, it’s pretty obvious you can get whatever result you want by the ordering of the questions. I felt the book focused too heavily on racial bias, but I suspect the volume of research and the active projects tackling it help to demonstrate biased behaviours. The end sections were interesting, with suggestions of living an examined life to remove your own biases.

The book is certainly worth a read – well researched and clearly written – highly recommended.

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