Welcome to my website!

This is a big step for me. Honestly! It may seem small to you, but I’ve never been one to embrace this internet world in which we live!!

Years ago when every one was registering domain names in the hope that Pespi or Gap or some other international giant would buy our URL for silly pennies, I followed suit. I registered a URL, youngfolk.com, sat on it for a couple of years, and when it expired I thought nothing about it. This was the closest I ever came to having an on-line presence.

Then I decided one day in 2010 to try my hand at writing. I’ve been enjoying fiction and non-fiction for years and have a very impressive pile of books, some of which I’ve even read, and I thought to myself, why I don’t get some of those story ideas floating around in my head down on paper. So I did.

This coincided with two separate events. A good friend, Tanya, decided to write a novel and joined a writing class and eventually a writing group to help pin it down. Another friend, Mark, bravely bit the bullet and resigned from the I.T. world to follow his dream of script writing. Both of them have been fantastic. Their feedback of my first short story was so positive it was like a drug. They’d both taken that leap, and I wanted to follow. I wanted to write. And then write more. And more. So I did.

Right now I’m a good way through my first novel, a magical story for kids. This will primarily be a Christmas present for my gorgeous daughter (I’m sure her name will feature in future posts so I’ll skip that distraction here) so I’m working towards a hard deadline which fingers crossed, I hope I can achieve. Since deadlines sound like ‘real’ writing, this novel will be the kick-off to my life of ‘real’ writing. If the novel is well received, or setting the bar lower, not panned too badly, then I’ll write more.

I’m enjoying the writing. And I hope you are all enjoying the reading. Let’s start this journey together!!