Author: Colin Marks

  • Review: A Horse Walks into a Bar by David Grossman and Jessica Cohen

    Book supplied by Netgalley for an honest review. My rating: 5 out of 5 It’s rare to find uniqueness in fiction, we’ve been making up stories for thousands of years after all, but David Grossman’s A horse Walks into a Bar squarely hits the mark. The story is framed around Dovaleh G’s stand-up routine in […]

  • Violence: A Writer’s Guide Second Edition by Rory Miller

    My rating: 5 out of 5 Rory Miller comes across as a good guy, but I wouldn’t want to bump into him a dark alley. Many of the examples in this writer’s guide come from his experiences; he’s been a prison guard, tactical police officer and a host of others, so he knows what he’s […]

  • Don’t Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training by Karen Pryor

    My review: 5 out of 5 Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog! is an interesting read for anyone, not just for dog owners, or dolphin owners, or the owners of children! Her background is in sea life training, and many of the anecdotes are based around those experiences, but a large part of the training […]

  • Short story on

    I submitted a short story, ‘Columbus Didn’t Discover America’ to the World City Stories website. I hope you enjoy!

  • Bunny O’Sullivan

    Bunny O’Sullivan is a friendly rabbit who gets along with everyone. When a hawk sees him and his family chomping on Farmer Stubbins’s cabbages, will Bunny O’Sullivan be able to get everyone back to the safety of their burrow before the hawk decides it’s time for his lunch.

  • Why Father Christmas didn’t bring a Kindle

      I’d been very good in 2011. I tidied my room whenever I was told and always ate my greens without complaint, except for sprouts of course but that goes without saying. Father Christmas was very happy and said (s)he’d bring me something special: an e-book reader. Unfortunately, Father Christmas gets confused by anything more […]